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Lisa Smith, host of Champagne Sundays onBig Blend Magazine
“I was totally drawn in to something different than I’ve ever read before. I couldn’t put it down. I felt like I was in a deep meditation with my mind open to a million different possibilities.”

Memorable story, exceptional characters
Lovin’ Books, ★★★★★ Amazon Review
I'm fascinated by the concept of deja vu, that feeling (and who hasn't experienced it?) that we've been here before. So when the main character of this wonderfully written novel feels like she has previously known the man she hopes to secure as a client, I was hooked. I didn't want to put the book down. It has suspense and intrigue, but it also speaks of the power of love through the centuries. If you liked The Time Traveler's Wife and resonated with Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth, you'll want to tuck yourself into a comfy chair and delve into this story.

Jana Lamb, ★★★★★ Amazon Review
Dream Chaser's characters intrigued me. Sara Jensen is a brilliant, driven woman who has risen to the top of her field in advertising. We meet Sara as she risks all she's achieved to partner in a new ad agency with her friend Vicki, a brash character roguish enough to rival any scoundrel in contemporary literature.
    When Ross DeLuca, the head of a major Hollywood movie studio, visits New York looking for an ad agency, Sara and Vicki take drastic steps to win the account. Ross's mega successful father, the founder of Lumina Studios, appears to dominate him and proves to be a tough sell for Sara and Vicki. However, Ross flies below the radar, and Ross generally gets what Ross wants. Ross sees Sara as a strong woman and believes she may understand his eternal love for Lily, his dead childhood sweetheart. Lily's spirit is trapped in the dark planes, and Ross senses he will die young so he can lead Lily out of the darkness. Sara deems this a skewed vision of reality, but best-selling author Sean Granger, her eccentric friend, views Ross as a man with a magnificent call to love.
    Sarah finds herself haunted by flashes of memory linking her with both Ross and Sean in a past life. She faces difficult choices as her love for both men soars to the edge of eternity and back. Although I usually shun stories that veer into the mystical realm, Sara remains a strong presence in this world even as she explores the world beyond. I found Dream Chaser to be a rare and fascinating read.

Ambition vs. Love
Gerarld R. Hibbs, ★★★★★ Amazon Review
Christina Greenaway comes at us with great writing skill. Her characters are vivid, distinct and interesting. She weaves a story about success, fame and spiritual power as seen through the eyes of Sara Jensen, an ambitious career woman. Sara likes to win. However, she needs to curb her ambition because when she fails to, disaster results. It is a cast of characters that are insightful, entertaining an intriguing, just like the story they weave.

Solid First Novel
R. L. Huckaby, ★★★★★ Amazon Review
I was drawn into Dream Chaser by a quick glance at the prologue, set in August 1944. As a WWII buff, I enjoyed Ed, a daredevil RAF Spitfire pilot, engaged in a dogfight with a squadron of German Messerschmitts. The writing was action packed and terrific.
    The first chapter switches to the present, where Sara Jensen, a high-powered ad executive finds a goal she wrote on the day she left college. As Sara wonders how she could have forgotten this goal and then decides to march on to her dream, I wondered how all this was going to relate to the prologue. Then came the first clue, and I thought OK, let see where this leads. The next chapter reveals Sara and her friend Vicki setting up their own ad agency. At the point where Sara discovers Vicki has deceived her about the solvency of their financial backer, I perceived another clue linking the story back to the prologue. And so it went on, chapter after chapter.
    Dream Chaser is deeply layered, and explores its characters through story within story. Some reach back to the WWII era, while others look into the future. When Sara learns her future will be formed by the choices she makes today, she faces some very tough decisions.

Dream Chaser: Awakening

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A Story Of Love and Awakening

At the top of her career, Sara Jensen leaves a high paying job at a major ad agency to open her own firm, inspired by her goal to become a woman of capital before she turns forty. When movie exec Ross DeLuca arrives in New York seeking an agency, Sara tracks him down on his morning run, pitches a winning campaign, and lands the lucrative account.

A mysterious sense of déjà vu settles over Sara and Ross—as if they were already a couple. With Ross’s account keeping the agency afloat, Sara resists his advances. But as business


meetings linger into the night, resistance wanes. When Sara learns of a secret life-threatening event in Ross’s past, the hidden knowledge stirs and begins to lure Ross toward an untimely death.

Sara must reconsider the meaning of success. Should she leave Ross and remain focused on her goal or stay with him and risk her own life in an effort to save his?

Insightful and thought provoking, Dream Chaser: Awakenings  is a fantastic read about human aspirations and the power of love.