Born in Mevagissey, a small fishing village on the coast of Cornwall, England, I developed an early fascination for the legends of our rugged land. Their mythical characters lived on in my mind long after their stories ended. As a young child, I loved to climb onto the cliffs and gaze out to sea. Soon, a source as huge and wonderful as the ocean itself would stir inside me, and great adventures would unfold in my imagination. I’d write a saga down, then stuff it into a bottle and toss it into the sea. Then, like those legends of long ago, each tale took on life of its own. A pirate ship might appear on the horizon, and its wizened old captain would reel in a bottle and set sail in search of a treasure of my creation. Or a lonely young princess in a faraway country would discover another bottle, and my story would delight her.
     These magical times ended when I went to boarding school. A lady does not sneeze into her cereal bowl, I was informed on my first day, after showering the breakfast table with cornflakes. Mastering the art of stifling a sneeze proved relatively easy compared to conforming with orders to stop “daydreaming” and sit up straight and behave myself.
     Decades passed before I would write again. But, if invited to a banquet (and who doesn’t attend those all the time?), I could select the proper knife and fork for each course and display animated interest in even the most banal conversation. These qualifications carried me around the world. I worked in fields as diverse as advertising in London and New York, fashion modeling in Paris, and partnering in a frog farm in Costa Rica. I often lost myself for hours at the opera or theater or a concert. Afterward, I would long to live again as I did as a young child—to harness the huge creative force inside me and write. I laid claim to that life with my first novel, Dream Chaser: Awakening. I continued with Written in Ruberah, the first in the Age of Jeweled Intelligence series. Girl by the Sea publishing has released Time Blade: Age of Jeweled Intelligence this Summer 2018.

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